Launching a product with Instagram - Wood&Faulk


Wood&Faulk used this series of 11 posts to launch the Sidecar, a new product in their line of carpenter bags. They used product and lifestyle imagery from a library of highly-produced and visually consistent shots as well as a giveaway offers and intro pricing. Their visuals build nicely on an already established brand "look + feel" and present their product alone, in environments and associated with other products that fit well within their aesthetic.

Let's take a look:

2017-03-30 Sneak Peek.png

01 Teaser

The first post in the product push series asks viewers to sign up for the Wood&Faulk newsletter to get info on a new bag that will soon be released.

2017-04-18 Newletter Signup for Announcement.png

02 Teaser 02

The second post follows up with another call to sign up for the Wood&Faulk newsletter to get details on the new bag design.

2017-04-21 Release.png

03 Product Release

This post announces the official release of the new bag, gives the name of the new product (the Sidecar) and invites viewers to preorder.


04 Order Updates

This post uses an image from the same shoot as the 01 Teaser post and updates readers on the most popular colors being ordered.


05 Color Update

This post highlights a particular colorway available in the Sidecar bag. Not only is the color a contrast to the colors shown in previous posts but it also stands out as a unique colorway for the Wood&Faulk brand overall.


06 Associated Product Placement

By presenting the new product in the basket of what looks to be a single speed/fixed gear bike Wood&Faulk aligns their new bag with a specific aesthetic connected to an urban, active and design-centric lifestyle.


07 Product in Environment

Another post which associates the new product with a particular environment/lifestyle. This time the Sidecar is presented on a rug topped with a rough edge timber table - very in line with the overall brand aesthetic.


08 Model Shot

Another shot of the orange color that was shown in previous posts. This post also includes the models face for the first time which makes it feel a bit more personal even if the shot itself feels fairly produced.


09 Limited Offer

With this post W&F pushed the new bag with a limited time offer and presents the Sidecar as 1 of 2 products being offered in the deal.


10 Customer with Product

In a change up from previous posts the new bag is shown being held by what seems to be a real customer rather than a model. She is smiling and looks more "real life" than other model shots used.


11 Model Shot

A return to the original style of model shots used in the campaign, this shot ends the Instagram series with a model we've seen before holding the bright orange version of the bag.