A cause that defines the Brand - Shinola


Shinola -- a consumer brand that makes beautiful watches, bikes, audio equipment, belts, bags and jewelry -- is an interesting case study in meaningful messaging.   The brand's outright love for it's home city of Detroit gushes from every piece of advertising.  It's heartfelt, it's warm, its proud, and its a cause almost no American could not get behind.  almost how the way Nas speaks about Queens or Biggie about Brooklyn.  Detroit is a city full of craftsmen and Shinola has made it their cause to put them back to work.  Take a look:


Detroit labor built America and Shinola threads these themes of economic revival and quality craftsmenship in their advertising campaign, which imbues a genuine, down to earth tone.


Pithy tag lines and imagery that accentuates the quality craftsmanship are the main components of their easy to navigate site. 


And their Facebook ads are hilarious....


Always on brand, well thought out stories, and imagery that makes the product quality jump out at you.  Shinola is doing brand marketing right.  Makes you want to buy something right?  Click here for 20% off XXX.